Shrek Kart HD

Posted August 8, 2010 6:49pm


3 of 5 bars
  • PRICE: $4.99
  • SOUND: 3
  • CONTROL: 3
  • FUN: 3
  • VALUE: 3
SUMMARY: Take to the streets as a Shrek character

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There have been all kinds of cartoon kart racers to hit the iPhone since the dawn of the App Store. Many of these apps are ports of old console games or an attempt to create an experience originally made popular by Mario Kart. Shrek Kart originally came out for the iPhone and was a mild success though it had many bugs and arguably some annoyingly awkward gameplay.

Now the game has made it over to the iPad with completely redone graphics. The game is your basic karting formula with tournaments and multiplayer. A lot of popular character make their cameo in this game. The new graphics in this game look excellent and bring it up to speed with a lot of newer games for the iPad. But unfortunately, the app hasn’t improved gameplay-wise. It still felt slow and sluggish with some extremely awkward controls. If the controls and speed of the game were to be improved, the game would technically be a really fun app to play through.

But still, we are stuck with the game provided and I can’t really recommend it for the long term. At the time of this review it was on sale for very cheap and definitely worth a purchase if you like this type of game, but I don’t think it would be worth it for any more. Check it out.